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 Névine Zariffa


A Short Bio

Névine Zariffa, author of Sisters Pieced Together, faced the dire diagnosis of leukemia at the age of 33. Available treatments failed her—but the dedication of scientists searching for cures did not. She had lost hope when a new drug, Gleevec, brought her into remission. Her disease triggered a profound shift. She lives each moment to the full, reaching as high as she can in what matters to her. Névine believes the richest life is lived at the intersection of thinking and feeling. She says she cannot imagine anything more deeply human than writing. 


Her family immigrated to Montréal from Egypt when she was a baby. In high school, Névine loved literature, especially the French classics. She gladly shares that she took a chance on love late in life. She describes her husband as a wonderful man. They enjoy spending time with their friends and family, especially their grandchildren. When the world situation allows, they hope to be travelling again. They consider both Montréal and Philadelphia as home. 


Prior to writing her first novel, Sisters Pieced Together, Névine enjoyed a brilliant twenty-five year career in drug development. With her colleagues, she was relentless in the pursuit of new medicines for patients, just as others had done for her. She is the Founder of NMD Group, a strategic consulting firm focused on projects with the potential to significantly advance healthcare. She is a Board member and a consultant with clients including the US Food & Drug Administration, Friends of Cancer Research, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other life sciences organizations. She is also on the executive leadership team of a worldwide data research lab addressing COVID-19. 


She is delighted to be able to devote time to writing while working for patients through her ongoing professional activities.

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