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Sisters, Pieced Together is a story of chance encounters, human frailty, and the enduring power of love.
JK's twin sister Susie has just died and the world is more unhinged than usual for the young recovering addict and self-described 'has been/wannabe' writer. On the day Susie is buried in Palo Alto, JK meets Francine, a mysterious older French woman. Francine has secrets dating back to the Second World War, secrets she keeps hidden beneath her well-manicured elegance. JK wears punk outfits that hide her own vulnerabilities. Despite their differences, the two women share a common bond.  Both have lost a sister whose spirit is still with them, and so is the guilt they feel. That bond becomes a lifeline for each of them – for very different reasons.
JK describes in her unique sassy voice each of the small quiet scenes of the struggles to connect with her parents as they all move through a haze of grief. Poignant memories of Susie resurface as JK presses on to find her path. You’ll keep turning the pages to find out what happens to JK from one day to the next. You’ll root for JK to find her way back from the edge, finally pieced together.

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