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“In this gem of a book, Névine Zariffa reminds us that grief can be healing, that all paths in life are subject to surprises, and that we find ourselves through others.  As a physician and a writer, I was touched by her ability to bring the human spirit to life—and I think you will be too.”  —Siddhartha Mukerjhee M.D. Ph.D., cancer physician, researcher and author of Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer and The Gene: An Intimate History

“This is a stunning story. Névine Zariffa’s unflinching prose explores the darkest corners of grief—how loss shatters a person, how it is often self-forgiveness that glues us back together. Equally heartbreaking and hopeful, this is a beautiful story of sisterhood, family, friendship, and an intimate exploration of how we come to know ourselves. You won’t soon forget it.” —Katherine A. Sherbrooke, author of Fill the Sky and Leaving Coy’s Hill

"Sisters Pieced Together––beautifully written by Névine Zariffa, is a tender narrative that poignantly explores the complexities of familial bonds, sisterhood, and second chances. It is an interwoven story of remarkable women that skillfully moves between present and past, all the while inviting us to bear witness to the profound joys, sorrows and inherited resilience that ultimately binds them together in the name of healing and love.” Marti Smye, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Is It Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus?: Finding the Life You Really Want

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